Journey Of Tea’s From Field To Kettle

The tea plant or Camelia Sinensis is created in tea develops and had a great time the world over.

From the two critical sorts of the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis and Camellia Assamica comes a considerable number of combinations. Remarkable care and thought are given to the plants to ensure their most unmistakable flavor potential. The fences are pruned to keep up an accommodating stature for the pluckers to pick their tea from.

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Camellia plants have been known to live for a hundred years, yet they make the best tea in the midst of its underlying fifty years. Sensitive tea leaves are picked in the midst of what is known as winnowing rounds and after that moved to the plant for further get ready. In the midst of separating rounds, sensitive shoots called a flush or two leafs and a bud is picked.

White tea is the insignificant method of all teas, trailed by Green then Oolong and Black.

  • White – no oxidation
  • Green – no oxidation
  • Oolong – Moderately oxidized
  • Black – Fully oxidized

Since black tea is the most normal people drink, we should research how it is readied.

Polyphenol oxidase is the protein found in the leaves that are released by rolling the leaves and starts the oxidation method.

Black Tea Processing Steps

  • Withering – overlooks are spread to wilt and free clamminess
  • Rolling – moved by machine to release polyphenol oxidase, start oxidation
  • Oxidation – oxygen reacts with chemicals released changing shading dull hued to dim
  • Drying – hot air dried to stop oxidation
  • Sorting – sorted by size and inspected

Two get ready systems are used:

  • Orthodox tea is hand dealt with or machine moved for specialty teas
  • CTC (pound, tear, turn) machine took care of for tea packs

Once packaged it is transported far and wide and is second just to water as the world’s most consumed drink.

For the perfect glass use fresh percolated water, incorporate your tea and douse for 5 minutes. Strain your tea and appreciate. Dim tea is savored the experience of both straight or with deplete or conceivably sugar.

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Understanding Grades of Orthodox Tea

Based on the production process, tea can be broken down into diverse grades. There are two different types of system to grade tea, but one particular one system, using letter is highly used. Tea can be classified broadly as Crush Tear Curl (CTC) or Orthodox Tea. The letter grading system is especially used for black tea (not for all black tea). White tea, Black Teas, Oolong Tea, and Green Tea produced in Taiwan and China tend not to use this system of grading.

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Factors affecting the Tea grading system 

The majority of the information of this grading system is related only to the size of tea leaves. However, whole leaf teas are always being considered as high-quality tea and expensive that is why it is difficult to generalize them. Few of broken-leaf teas can be outstanding, just as whole-leaf teas can be mediocre. the grade of tea reflects the content of caffeine present in the tea to a large degree this is because the leaf buds contain more caffeine than mature leaves. Brewing is affected by grades. Whole leaf teas take more time in infusion in comparison to broken leaf teas.You can buy orthodox tea online of different grades.

Different Grades of Orthodox Tea

  1. Whole leaf tea:

Whole leaf tea is those teas which are not been broken down or torn during the process of production. The shape and size of the leaf vary widely.

  • FP – Flowery Pekoe
  • FTGFOP – Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
  • TGFOP – Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
  • TGFOP1 – Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Grade One
  • GFOP – Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
  • FOP – Flowery Orange Pekoe
  • OP – Orange Pekoe
  • OPA – Orange Pekoe A, A long-leaf tea with large, thick leaves, that can be either tightly-wound or more open.
  • P – Pekoe
  • S – Souchong


Broken-leaf tea:

Broken leaf tea is a tea that has been broken or torn into large pieces that can easily recognize. You can easily buy orthodox tea online.

  • BOP1 – Broken Orange Pekoe One
  • GFBOP – Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  • TGFBOP – Tippy Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  • TGFBOP1 – Tippy Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Grade One
  • BS – Broken Souchong
  • BPS – Broken Pekoe Souchong
  • GBOP – Golden Broken Orange Pekoe
    FBOP – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
  • BOP – Broken Orange Pekoe



Fannings are finely-broken pieces of tea leaf that still have a recognizable coarse texture; they are the grade of tea used in most tea bags.

  • GOF – Golden Orange Fannings
  • FOF – Flowery Orange Fannings
  • BOPF – Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
  • FBOPF – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings



Dust is a fine powder, much finer than fannings, made of tea particles left over from producing higher grades of tea. Tea made by pulverizing larger pieces of leaf or the tea plant, such as Matcha, is not classified as dust.

  • OPD – Orange Pekoe Dust
  • BOPD – Broken Orange Pekoe Dust
  • BOPFD – Broken Orange Pekoe Fine Dust
  • FD – Fine Dust
  • D-A – Dust A
  • Spl. D – Special Dust
  • GD – Golden Dust
  • OD – Orthodox Dust

Rarely, grades can be mixed and labeled as such with the letter M. For example, BOPSM could be used to represent a broken-leaf mix of Orange Pekoe (BOP) and Souchong(S).

Tea Love Can Also Make You A Travel Freak

Love is outwardly disabled! Yes, to some degree it is outwardly weakened as we routinely feel in a couple of points of view in life, for instance, value for the tea and its tastes which can in like manner change over a man into a voyager hunting down marvelous new tastes of tea tests over the globe. There are a couple of such countries in our globe in which one can find for additional up and coming tastes tests that are bound to benefit quality tastes nearby the faultlessness of their sound good conditions. These illustrations and things are adequately rich with a couple of its sort’s and furthermore adequately cool with its points of interest in tasting life. According to an aphorism, the love for finding and knowing the fascinating, every now and again drives a man to wind up unmistakably a voyager in life and tastes is significantly more standard with such examples in this globe.

The way of tea tests to pull in humanity

a) Health benefits:

There are a grouping of tea tests and things created over the world and some of them are known for their amazing taste and quality medicinal favorable circumstances that are cool in building such unmistakable quality among people. To be sure, tea mates get the chance to be voyagers to discover such combinations of tests that viable resuscitates the taste buds among human life, mollify the tea sweetheart’s hearts and furthermore locate a couple of other strong perspectives in life. According to the present remedial outlines, the inside and out well-known masters and investigators have proposed characteristic cases and things can without a doubt destroy a couple of the fatal ambushes and sicknesses like gastritis, stagger impacts, body throbs and even to the cause and effects of danger. Yes, this infers with the extensive and warm taste of characteristic examples, one can without a doubt battle with the incredibly feared effect of growth bringing on threat blends from the human body.

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b) Great warm taste of tea:

It takes a little in contemplating a noteworthy holder to find an extensive part of a tiredness of your body gets a rearward sitting course of action and for the remaining one can taste it all. You can use it with your breakfast support, after your lunch, evening sandwiches and diverse treats, work-up or exercise time, while examining books and even to resuscitate your tiredness with best-associated impacts at whatever point. It is the extensive warm taste which makes the way generously more smooth to follow your heart in having one more with it.

c) Flavored tea tests:

Today, we are not quite recently obliged to the standard kind of black tea yet have attracted with a couple of other of its sorts which consolidate regular tea tests like white, praiseworthy, Halmari tea company speciality Darjeeling, season, Oolong, green, herbal, orthodox tea & Green Tea blend and various more are there to name. These flavors are extremely standard among people of any age and differing class of people. Without a doubt, one may state that it is the second most noticeable drink than water which is eaten up by humankind over the globe.For more details about tea and their benefits go through our site to know black tea benefits and other herbal tea benefits. 

What is orthodox tea and how it is processed?

Orthodox teas are one of the finest qualities of tea, which are processed by hands and graded carefully in order to offer the best taste to the people. At some places these teas are not completely processed through hands rather uses a machine that works like the manual rolling. You can easily identify these types of teas as they are always labeled as hand-processed or handmade. If you are curious to know the manufacturing process of these quality teas, then you are on the right page.

Orthodox Tea

Let’s see how your great cup of Orthodox Tea is processed?

  • Withering- This is the process in which the leaves of the teas are spread out in long trays for 15-20 hours, in order to evaporate its moisture. Keeping them out is the simplest way to make them soft and supple. Withering also undergoes biochemical alterations that offer its character.


  • Rolling- In this process the leaves are put in the chamber which rotates and let the leaves release inherit chemicals. During the rolling of the leaves, they break into small pieces and release their natural fluids. This process is repeated till when the leaves break into smaller size. After this process tea leaves are ready for the oxidation process.


  • Oxidation– During this process, the leaves are kept in a controlled environment of air for 2 to 4 hours. This process allows leaves to develop its flavor and aroma. This is the important process in the manufacturing of the tea so it should be carefully executed. After complete oxidation of the leaves, it becomes dark in color.


  • Firing-in this process the tea is kept in the warm ovens in order to offer them proper heating effect. This heat will help losing its moisture completely and develop musty taste. This process should be implemented carefully as more heat can burn the leaves.


  • Grading– This method is also known as sorting of the leaves which means, leaves are sorted as per their sizes. Grading is the method which can be performed manually or through the machine.


  • Bulk packing– This is the last step of the system. In this step, the tea leaves are packed as per their sizes and thus marked different prices for the packages. They are packed in different sizes of packages which then moved out for sale.


Orthodox tea is also known as black tea which is one of the top-quality tea preferred around the world. If you are one of them who seek to Buy orthodox tea online, then they can simply visit the online grocery stores. The online stores contain branded packages of the teas. You don’t have to struggle much to get your type of tea when you search them online.

Never buy any tea before checking its type as there are different types of tea manufactured around the world. the online store contains highly trusted tea for the people and they import directly from the manufacturing centers. You can simply trust the online stores for these teas. After knowing about all these facts about the black tea, you can start adding it to your diet and see healthy effects instantly. You can even try different flavors of your choice.

Above mentioned process is only applied for manufacturing black teas.

It’s time to go with healthy drinks and keep yourself fit forever.



Halmari Tea-Know More about Your Tea

All of you cherish your some tea and know about the various types of – Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Assam, seasoned dark, premium green, and white, indeed, the rundown is ceaseless. In any case, did you realize that every one of them is gotten from a similar source – Camellia Sinensis. So what is that makes green tea unique in relation to white tea or why is Pu-Erh tea so uncommon?


The way of developing, reaping and handling tea impacts its character. from a similar manor can taste diverse contingent upon the amount it has been oxidized or whether it has been oxidized utilizing the Orthodox procedure or CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl). In the previous, entire tea leaves are rolled and laid out for a few hours to give the oxidation a chance to procedure to begin. In the CTC procedure, tea leaves are gone through the rollers of a CTC machine which brings about littler leaf particles that typically have more body than Orthodox tea.

Did you realize that Green leaves don’t experience any oxidization while Black is a completely oxidized that gives a dull and strong blend? White, then again, is halfway oxidized, yet it is dried under normal daylight. At that point there is Yellow that is incompletely oxidized and is dried all the more gradually. Chinese Pu-Erh Tea is the main that is both oxidized and aged. It is permitted to develop for a few years and is typically sold in block or cake shape!

With such a variety of various assortments of to look over, one is doubtlessly spoilt for decision. In any case, to blend the ideal cuppa, you have to utilize predominant quality clears out. Halmari Tea is, a Kolkata-based brand makes this easier for you. It sources it’s from over the globe and gives most extreme significance to quality. It has an extensive variety of – beginning from Assam Tea leaves, seasoned green, white to Moroccan Mint. There are likewise imbuements like Jasmine Mandarin and White with Raspberry. The brands are accessible in both free leaf and tea pack shape. In this way, whenever you need to purchase masala powder or Darjeeling’s green tea online on the web, you know where to go.

How Tea is Beneficial for Health

Tea is just a comforting beverage for most of us, while many of us don’t know that it has many remarkable healing properties. The presences of a variety of ingredient sin the Tea make it healthy to drink. No matter what season it is, you can always enjoy your tea, by serving it hot or iced cold. However, its benefits go far beyond refreshment. It’s a flavorful way to get some fluid inside your body each day, which is beneficial for your body. When it comes to drinking tea, there are many health benefits that come from the ratio of caffeine and antioxidants present in it. The health benefits attach to the tea depends on the type of tea you drink.

Here are few health benefits of tea which you might not know.

Eliminating the risk of Dementia

Dementia is a broad term used for describing a state decline in mental ability. It is related to brain disease that causes a long term decrease in ability to think and remember anything. Drinking tea regularly, keeps your memory sharp, even as you age by acting in multiple pathway it lowers the risk of Dementia.

You can go for a cup of Darjeeling Tea. Darjeeling Tea Online can be easily found. The tea is known to boost memory and increase concentration and focus.

Reduce risk of heart strokes

Drinking Tea at least two to three cups daily results in a 20 percent reduction in the risk of Ischemia stroke. Ischemia is a disease caused in the blood vessels, resulting into damaging tissues. So, don’t wait and make a habit of drinking tea to protect yourself from an early stage.

Tea also helps in preventing the formation of blood clots, which are very common nowadays, that causes heart attacks. Drinking half a cup of Oolong tea or green tea reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Protecting against liver diseases

Teas are very high in antioxidant, especially Orthodox Tea, which helps in neutralizing free radicals. Radicals are the main cause’s degradation in the body and in the long term can cause cancer. The active compounds in the tea help to lower allergic response through quercetin a flavanol naturally occurring in tea.

Keep away from Cancer

There are many proven studies, that tea is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids such as catechin. It has a very high antioxidant property which is effective in preventing cancer and tumor like diseases. Recently, many researches has suggested that prostate, lung, and breast cancer see the biggest fall when consuming green tea on daily basis. Green tea protects against developing oesophageal and stomach cancer.

Helps to stay fit

Tea contains tannin’s and fluoride that help in reducing building up of a disease like plaque in the mouth and tooth decay. If you combine it with a good dental hygiene, you can keep your teeth healthy for long period. Drinking tea also aids weight loss and ideal after dinner drink.

If you don’t choose to add sweeteners or milk, tea itself is a calorie free drink, helping you to shed few kilos in very short time. Tea boost the level of metabolism which helps in reducing weight and keeping you stay fit. In addition to this, the antioxidants present in tea helps in improving the condition of skin and making in acne free.

Tea can make you smarter

Since, ancient time it tea has been known that caffeine can help you to perk up as it subject to increase reaction time, faster alertness and promotes better working memory. If you have a stress of work and a deadline coming up, just grab a cup of tea and unlock your inner power and see you through.

Tea can help you to relax

You know the cozy feeling when you get a cup of hot tea and curl up on your coach, yes! The tea gives you that feeling of well-being and lets you relax for some time. This is because of the significant impact of tea on your body as it reduces the levels of cortisol following a stressful experience. It was being subjected reported that people feel more relaxed after drinking black tea regularly for 5 weeks. Theanine is a natural source of element present in tea that promotes relaxation.