Memories Of Father’s Day With His Favorite Tea

I stuck up with what to gift my dad this Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day been around the corner, you might be started to think about what are the good options to buy for your father this year. If you want to give your dad something out of the ordinary gift that can surprise him, why not gift him tea related gift? The great thing about tea is that there are all sorts of varieties available, so no matter if you are tight on budget or if you feel like splashing some cash, there is something for you all to fit in your budget.

fathers day by halmari tea

Why it is a perfect gift?

For a majority of our parents, especially in India, tea is one that beverage which is consumed one or twice on daily basis and most of our parents are addicted to bedtime tea. They cannot survive with a warm cup of tea in the morning. There are also few parents who love their tea just because of its various health benefits.

Some might like it to combine tea with their meals, while some may like it to enjoy it with family and have a wonderful time. When you know, your dad loves his tea too much, then gifting him a box of tea would be the most viable option this Father’s Day.

What to gift?

Once you have decided to gift him a boxed tea, the next questions which can probably come in your mind are- what type of tea you can gift him. You know you dad than anyone else. If you want to play it safe, gift him his favorite blends. Otherwise, if your father likes to explore new taste you can give him some sample size packets to try some new tea.

We help you further, we have listed few popular tea your dad would love to experiment with:

Try something unusual as there are so much of different varieties of tea out there that you just might want to give something extra to your father. Talk to your dad about different health benefits of tea. Assorted selection works best- if you decide to buy tea online this Father’s Day and if not sure which variations to pick, you could always choose for one of our assorted packets. This will give your dad the chance to try out a few rare kids, while also combining some of the more old-style combinations – he might even discover himself a new favorite this time!

How to make this day more special?

Once you have usefully picked up a gift for him, you can arrange for a morning tea and celebrate a tea time with your dad. You can include some flowers, a nice breakfast menu, and spend Father’s Day morning this Sunday with your day. Make most of this dad and pamper him by spending some time with him and let him know that how much you love him.


Author: Halmari Tea

Halmari Tea Estates is a company holding its legacy for more than ten decades. Over these long years, they have maintained their strong pursuit for quality and expertise to provide the best quality tea in the world. In fact, the company boasts the pride of being the world’s number one tea garden post-1980. It is a promise of the company that they make the best tea during the best period of production to sell the superior varieties consistently.

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