Halmari Tea-Know More about Your Tea

All of you cherish your some tea and know about the various types of – Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Assam, seasoned dark, premium green, and white, indeed, the rundown is ceaseless. In any case, did you realize that every one of them is gotten from a similar source – Camellia Sinensis. So what is that makes green tea unique in relation to white tea or why is Pu-Erh tea so uncommon?


The way of developing, reaping and handling tea impacts its character. from a similar manor can taste diverse contingent upon the amount it has been oxidized or whether it has been oxidized utilizing the Orthodox procedure or CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl). In the previous, entire tea leaves are rolled and laid out for a few hours to give the oxidation a chance to procedure to begin. In the CTC procedure, tea leaves are gone through the rollers of a CTC machine which brings about littler leaf particles that typically have more body than Orthodox tea.

Did you realize that Green leaves don’t experience any oxidization while Black is a completely oxidized that gives a dull and strong blend? White, then again, is halfway oxidized, yet it is dried under normal daylight. At that point there is Yellow that is incompletely oxidized and is dried all the more gradually. Chinese Pu-Erh Tea is the main that is both oxidized and aged. It is permitted to develop for a few years and is typically sold in block or cake shape!

With such a variety of various assortments of to look over, one is doubtlessly spoilt for decision. In any case, to blend the ideal cuppa, you have to utilize predominant quality clears out. Halmari Tea is, a Kolkata-based brand makes this easier for you. It sources it’s from over the globe and gives most extreme significance to quality. It has an extensive variety of – beginning from Assam Tea leaves, seasoned green, white to Moroccan Mint. There are likewise imbuements like Jasmine Mandarin and White with Raspberry. The brands are accessible in both free leaf and tea pack shape. In this way, whenever you need to purchase masala powder or Darjeeling’s green tea online on the web, you know where to go.


Author: Halmari Tea

Halmari Tea Estates is a company holding its legacy for more than ten decades. Over these long years, they have maintained their strong pursuit for quality and expertise to provide the best quality tea in the world. In fact, the company boasts the pride of being the world’s number one tea garden post-1980. It is a promise of the company that they make the best tea during the best period of production to sell the superior varieties consistently. https://www.halmaritea.com

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